1. General

  • The following terms and conditions of sale of b2b-alive Ltd apply to all orders, sales and deliveries of its products that it sells in its sole capacity as distributor, by means of its catalogues, price lists, website or telephone calls.
  • They apply exclusively to professional corporate clients, governments and communities to the exclusion of individuals. Purchases made by the customer with b2b-alive Ltd have a direct connection with the business and professional needs of the customer.
  • Therefore, when placing an order with b2b-alive Ltd, the client agrees that he or she is acting as part of his or her professional activity and therefore is not regarded as a consumer as defined by UK consumer law, this being a crucial factor in entering into a contract with b2b-alive Ltd.

2. Quotes, Orders

Only written quotes are valid, and for the duration specified therein. Otherwise, the duration is 1 month.
Orders can be placed online, by phone, mail or fax, with the company letterhead or stamp, or by email. The contract comes into force after formal acceptance by b2b-alive Ltd of the order placed by the client. b2b-alive Ltd will respond by sending an order confirmation by the most appropriate means to the client’s address. The client shall check the confirmation and notify us immediately of any errors. Otherwise, the contract will apply to the order confirmation. Any order placed in the name of or on behalf of the client is deemed to be made by himself or herself, an employee or a person authorized for that duty.

3. Price

Product prices and service offers, applicable taxes, shipping fees and related fees are indicated on the invoice issued by b2b-alive Ltd. Unless there are specific contractual provisions, offers and price lists correspond to the prices valid at the time of designing the catalogue and website updates and are not binding beyond that point. Orders accepted are subject to price increases imposed on us by our own suppliers and circumstances beyond our control that would make delivery impossible or more costly.

4. Payment terms

All invoices are payable in full and without discount, with reference made to the VAT payable. Only VAT corresponding to the product price payable qualifies for a deduction. Consequently, the absence of full payment of the invoice by the due date will result without prior notice, allocation b2b-alive Ltd. fixed damages equal to 15% of tax due, or a minimum amount of € 115. Late penalties will apply in addition to those damages at the contractual rate of 1.80% per month of delay. The interest will be calculated from sending a formal notice. This clause does not harm the immediate repayment of the debt.