As customers, you access to our solution like a software as a service.

  • Automatic product updates
  • Tools not restrained
  • All inclusive offer
  • Your creative output and publicity images appear at a moment’s notice.


The back office is the tool to manage what you want to see on our screens.
It is an online tool. This web application is exclusive to our customers.

  • Easy to use
  • Management interface from your PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Secure management interface
  • Available in French and in English


Manage medias

  • Add picture
  • Delete picture
  • Create composition
  • Delete composition
  • Edit composition

Manage kiosks (digital totem, screens, …)

  • Set the media to display

Upcoming Features

  • Media planning to display
  • Action history
  • Manage users

b2b-alive OS © is our robust operating system based on the Linux kernel and go technology developed by Google.

This operating system is integrated with all our screens.

  • System update automatically with confidence
  • System reliability
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